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Pager loves Handel, hates his church job

Yeah, I know. I whine about my choral situation a lot. I had a lot of trouble with Rachmaninoff last fall because I was having health issues that made me feel very weak and wasn't quite up to singing first tenor in that piece. I'm a lot healthier now and, aside from a recent period with coughiness and resulting vocal trouble, singing better. And the same chorale is doing Mr. Handel's great but undeservedly obscure oratorio Joshua. I am totally digging this. I came away from rehearsal this evening energized.

This does not happen with my church choir. I come away from those rehearsals furious. I know--I'm a sing-whore, I should suck it up and do what I'm told. Except that I am absolutely not the sing-whore this choir director wants. He wants a tenorino sing-whore, not a Tamino sing-whore. (Think Peter Pears meets Fritz Wunderlich. YouTube them if you don't know them. bearfuz, you think that's a fair description?) Most days I can not sing soft enough to make him happy. I find myself doing all sorts of unhealthy things to sing for him, and come away vocally exhausted. Plus his choral chops really suck and he often asks for things in a completely awkward way, leaving everyone clueless as to what he wants. Is it so hard to state clearly what you object to and what you want to hear different?

Dear bearfuz introduced me to a someone who does fit this choral monster's director's idea of what a choral tenor should sound like--in other words, a much lighter voice than mine--who is quite capable as a section leader. He has subbed for me and they love him. I have determined to give him as many Sundays as he can take after Easter. Otherwise I'd be quite tempted to just walk away and leaving them tenorless, which is very bad form. And needless to say I will not return for another season.

So. Any area church musicians know of a church that needs a tenor?
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