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I need serious help...

I sing Soprano in a church choir. I don't know where else to go.

I was asked to sing the descant part in "Treasures in Heaven" by Allen Pote. I've always only sung the melody and we never ever DID the descant until we got a new director who decided he wants it.

I need a recording of this because I have no other way to practice. I have searched every flipping corner of the internet and have had no luck. I have no money so I can't go purchasing it(hell, I can't even find it on sites where you have to pay!). I'm frustrated and desperate and afraid I will make a fool of myself because I don't know this part. I have 2 weeks.

PLEASE HELP ME! If you have a recording, http://www.box.net is a great place to put it up where it can be downloaded without a hassle. I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS AUDIO. .mp3 preferred, but .wav is okay too.
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